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Chlory : The Ocean Guard Episode

4.9 ( 3409 ratings )
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Geliştirici: PAPAYA Apps
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"LIVE or DIE. The fate of chlories is in your hands"

Free 150 sunlights upon installation & update

• 5 Chapters with 100 ocean levels
• Free updates regularly. Stay tuned!
• Chlory has 6 hidden powers to boost his chlorophyll
• 5 different characters to fight against
• In-app purchase of sunlight to help Chlory
• Detailed ocean view & catchy soundtracks per chapter

• Chlory: The Ocean Guard Episode is the first microscopic bio-strategy game from Papaya Apps, longing for clean and eco friendly ocean.
Our friend Chlory, a spherical single-cell Chlorella armed with chlorophyll, is the green guard of the ocean. One day, Chlorys peaceful and clean village is attacked by the series of contaminators: PeePee, Angry, Greasy and Nuke.
• Yellow PeePee : The first contaminator from little boy Dennis at a beach near Yellow Sea. Likes pollutants from the nearest spot.
• Red Angry : A glutton Chlory turned to Red Angry after eating the forbidden Red fruit. Angry is brutal & violent, polluting the weak enemy first.
• Oily Greasy : Greasy is too much thick & slimy, impossible to face to face attack back.
• Nuke, the strong : Nuke comes from a nuclear waste in the deep ocean. Nuke explodes periodically, instantly damaging chlorophyll intensly.

!!! Now it is time for you to help the lonely Chlory to clean up the contaminators deep down in the ocean. !!!

Connect Chlorophyll by a simple “drag & drop” from Chlory to the targeted enemy & disconnect chlorophyll for faster attack
Enemy contamination level diminishes as feeding chlorophyll into the enemy
Each stage is cleared by eliminating all the enemies at presence.

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